zero ms Response Time


I’ve made a test where Im sending 600 requests to my server. I have attached the log file here, for my lock requests, I have a min of 0ms for response time while none of the requests have failed! and if anything didnt fail the min of 0 ms does not make sense to me! I appreciate if you explain the reason of this.



First, response times are rounded up (due to memory footprint while generating the reports), default accuracy is 10ms, but you can tune it in gatling.conf.
Secondly, time measurement is not something that can be achieved with a 1ms accuracy, whatever the tool pretended accuracy. For example, System.currentMillis is subject to wall clock sync, System.nanoTime might be subject to CPU core desynchronization, etc.

10ms accuracy is reasonable.



Hi Stephane,

Thanks for the response. I believe the min time for the lock request should be more than 10 ms so it cant be rounded to 0. In the log attached for example for one lock request :

ACTION Lock 26 Lock-request 1361393684178 1361393684179 1361393684184 1361393684184 OK

What are these numbers( 1361393684178 1361393684179 1361393684184 1361393684184) representing ?


  • request start
  • request end
  • response start
  • response end