Multiple Gatling instances - integration with Graphite


I have been using Gatling for some time now and soon I will be using multiple Gatling instances on multiple machines to generate enough load for my stress tests.

I know that it is possible to merge log files and generate those nice graphs ( but I am wondering if someone used multiple Gatlings with Graphite. I did quick test today and it seems that if two or more instances will send data to the Graphite they will overwrite each other (for example number of active users or number of requests). I am not an expert on Graphite but I fear that it will not be possible to somehow aggregate data from multiple instances (for example sum number of requests from all instances) - am I right?

If it will not be possible then I was thinking of writing custom data writer for StatsD Using statsd as a proxy between Gatling and Graphite should enable aggregation from multiple instances (for example requests could be represented as counter so each instance would increment the counter by its number of requests).

You have to change the rootPathPrefix in gatling.conf so that each node has its own metrics that you can then sum.

Good idea, thanks!