Need a help for .multivaluedFormParam function

Hi All,

For Example

I have used .multivaluedFormParam(“Ids”, “${Id}”)) this in build function but currently passing values like as per follow, which is wrong. This is not which i want it.

Ids: 5773088
Ids: 5773087
Ids: 5773086
Ids: 5773085
Ids: 5773084
Ids: 5773083
Ids: 5773082
Ids: 5773081
Ids: 5773080
Ids: 5773079
Ids: 5773078
Ids: 5773077
Ids: 5773076
Ids: 5773075

I wanted to pass these values at a single go with comma separated values.

Ids: 5773088,5773087,5773086,5773085,5773084,5773083,5773082,5773081,5773080,5773079,5773078,5773077,5773076,5773075

Please tell me what am i doing wrong here?


A comma separated value list is nowhere the HTML standard. This way is something specific to your application, so you can’t use multivaluedFormParam for this, you have to manually forge the concatenation.

Guys - any luck on this ???

Thank you very much.

I have used this way and works for me. formParam(“Ids”, “${d(1)},${Id(2)},${Id(3)},${Id(4)},${Id(5)},${Id(6)},${Id(7)},${Id(8)},${Id(9)}”) and so on…

But these are the comma separated values still pretty limited and manageable, but what if there are 250 or more ideas?? Then I have to do it manually??? Which I have mentioned above and it is quite painful to do it manually.

So is there any way to achieve this?