Need a help for .multivaluedFormParam function

Hi All,

For Example

I have used .multivaluedFormParam(“Ids”, “${Id}”)) this in build function but currently passing values like as per follow, which is wrong. This is not which i want it.

Ids: 5773088
Ids: 5773087
Ids: 5773086
Ids: 5773085
Ids: 5773084
Ids: 5773083
Ids: 5773082
Ids: 5773081
Ids: 5773080
Ids: 5773079
Ids: 5773078
Ids: 5773077
Ids: 5773076
Ids: 5773075

I wanted to pass these values at a single go with comma separated values.

Ids: 5773088,5773087,5773086,

Please tell me what am i doing wrong here?