Gatling SetUP for Rest API performance test

Hello Experts,

I am new to Gatling and struggling to start in getting the tool set up. My goal is to do some performance testing on web services( Rest).

Pretty basic and stupid questions but IMP for a tester’s point.
I feel Gatling is not teser friendly… prove me wrong :slight_smile:


  1. Do I need to install Maven or SBT in-order to get started with gatling?
  2. what are the prereq for gatling to start.
  3. for paramerising, do I need to have csv only or it does support notepad/nodtepad plus.

Hi There,

I’m not going to be able to answer about gatling being tester friendly because IMHO it depends on the tester a lot :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t think so. You can just download the gatling latest bundle 2.2.1, tinker with the gatling.conf or as needed. You can use recorder to record website HTTP requests
  2. Prereqs? AFAIK, JDK 1.8, latest release the better. Some good editor to edit the code (I use Brackets)
  3. I don’t get this question actually. You can parameterize with or without CSV files. There are other feeders available whoch you can check in the documentation



Thanks for your input. this will surely help to get one step further…!!

Hi All,

I am trying to simulate REST api services. New to gatling and dont know where to start from.

I need some help in getting started.

I have gatling installed and got the apis. need to know how to set up scenario and execute.



Cool dear !!!

The following link will guide through most of the feature. Your will learn more about simulations, scenarios, feeders, recorders, loops, Scala functions, etc.

Wish you all the best.


Hi Satheesh,

Unable to access this link, Getting Documentation Not found message.


Hi Rakesh,
How about this link quickstart?)