Noob question - How can i make a tray ?

Hello everyone,

I have a very noob question, but i don’t see how to make this kind of scenario with Gatling :

  • Load 1000 users in 20 minutes.
  • Keep 1000 users for 20 minutes.
  • Decrease to 0 in 20 minutes.

I can see the ramp() function, but I really don’t understand how can I stick the number of user for some time.
Anybody can explain it ?



Gatling is scenario oriented and users are users, not concurrent threads as actually in tools like JMeter.

If you want your users to crawl your site during a given period, you have to use a loop with a during condition (in your case 40 minutes):

// what you want to loop over
).during(40 minutes)



2012/6/27 Daffy <>