Open a browser from gatling


I used Gatling to load test . Everything Works just fine for me and now i want to edit the script so that after my test is complete , will be automatically opened by gatling.
i don’t know if it’s possible, i’ve done my research but i didn’t find anything that helps.

Does anybody have any idea how to do this ?


What are you trying to achieve here?

thank for your quick reply.
i’m a beginner in gatling so please excuse my ignorance. i used Gatling’s Maven Archetype that allows me to integrate Gatling and run it into intellij .
i recorded a scenario of adding a computer in ,created my load test and i run it , a scala script was generated so i edited the script to add 10 more computer to analyzed the results. i went to and verified if my new computers are being added. So what i want to do is instead of opening my browser manually and browse my web page to verify the existence of the new added computer, i want it to be done automatically via the scala script.
i hope i made it clear for you.


you can verify that in the script by placing Checks on the API response.hope that helps.