Packing and running simulations from an uber-jar


I have a bunch of Simulation classes under my project test directory and I’m running them from sbt using ‘testOnly’.

Now, I would like to pack my code together with Gatling and all dependencies into one nice uber-jar so that I could copy it into remote machines and run simulations over there.

Any recommendations how to do that?

I’ve tried adding a main which uses ‘Gatling.fromMap(props)’ and pack it all but it can’t find the binaries even though the folder is specified by ‘binariesDirectory’.

Hi Joe,

There are a number of publish* tasks in SBT (type: ‘tasks’), but they may omit your test directory.

I normally commit to github, SSH onto a remote machine, clone and run.


Thanks of responding Aidy,

Well, cloning the repo is not a good option for me, it’s a part of a bigger project with dependencies on internal artifactory, etc.

It sounds so trivial that this should be possible to do, but it’s so non trivial to implement, I wish someone from Gatling dev team will resolve this once and for all, I’ve seen lots of similar questions with no good answers…