Parallel request/response testing via WebSocket


I am looking at migrating to Gatling from JMeter but have a specific requirement that we built a lot of custom JMeter code for and I want to be sure Gatling can handle it before I dive right in.

We have a custom binary protocol that is sent over WebSockets but where each message is either a request or reply with a correlation id in the header.

We want to be able to load test services using the protocol by sending a multiple requests and listening for responses in parallel.

It seems that if we create a matcher for the responses then Gatling will wait for the response before sending the next request. Is there a way to NOT do that and send all the requests and then separately collect the responses and evaluate them?

In JMeter we had to build our own listener thread that was polling the socket for new messages, doing the correlation and then storing the result which was later fetched by the JMeter sampler. I’m hoping that’s avoidable with Gatling.