Parameter 'dataFolder' is unknown for plugin 'gatling-maven-plugin:3.1.2:test (default-cli)'

We have kept body of API inside bodies folder but for some reason maven is not able to pick this. It shows warning on both dataFolder and bodyFolder tag

io.gatling gatling-maven-plugin 3.1.2 ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/resources ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/resources ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/scala ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/resources/data ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/resources/bodies ${project.basedir}/src/test/performance/results

Terminal Warning on mvn gatling:test -
[WARNING] Parameter ‘dataFolder’ is unknown for plugin ‘gatling-maven-plugin:3.1.2:test (default-cli)’
[WARNING] Parameter ‘bodiesFolder’ is unknown for plugin ‘gatling-maven-plugin:3.1.2:test (default-cli)’

Because of this we are not able to test POST API. Thanks in advance

  • gatling-maven-plugin 3.1.2 was released more than 2 years.
  • the latest version is 4.5.0
  • these options were dropped as of 3.0.0 released 5 years ago and replaced with a single resourcesFolder

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