Performance Test Injection Profile Templates


For different types of performance tests i.e. load, performance, stress, soak, or burst (stress and soak), are there sample injection profiles available?



I have not seen any of these samples, and in my opinion if there were one, they would be utterly useless as each system is different.

Of all that you mentioned, burst is a something that you can achieve using stressPeakUsers (earlier gatling had heavisideUsers).

I’d suggest that you look at the samples in the doc here and setup something that is more relevant to the system you are testing.

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  • performance test: generic term for test aiming at validating the performance of a system. Could be load test, web performance for a web based app, native app performance test, etc.
  • load test: what we’re dong with Gatling, in opposition to functional testing
  • stress/burst test: a kind of load test with a sudden peak of load
  • capacity test: a kind of load test with a progressive load increase, to detect how system performance degrades
  • soak/endurance test: a kind of load test with a steady load, to detect resources leaks or behaviors that can only be observed over a long period
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Hello Ciaran,

You can also check out this blog post we did last year. It has a few different examples of injection profiles in the Java DSL.

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