Please explain the chart "number of requests per second"

I am a bit confused about the chart “Number of requests per second”
I have concurrent users setting to be 50. I hope 50 current requests were triggered.
But from the chart below it seems only 25 requests were triggered.



As I can only put in one attachment, I have to reply here

12:20:12 at this moment, how many concurrent requests, 25 or 50?

12:20:13 the request number is 0. Does it mean all requests are completed?
When the request is 0, why active user is still 50?

You use Open or Closed Workload Models ?
Show your Injection profile.

I think that you use not properly Closed Model and have this kind of reports - please read Open vs Closed Workload Models

Little explanation fot your questions:
Shown charts always shown how many requests have beed send per second, send request don’t mean that this request get response, for responses you have other chart.

It’s just that because of the way your scenario is designed, no requests are being sent at some points in time.

I am injectClosed like this. Is it wrong?

Do your application is application for Closed Model ?

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