Requests per second incorrect?

Doing some simple test (a scenario that makes one http request vs a scenario that makes 3 http requests) I’ve notice that requests per second seems to be counting the scenario start and scenario end events (the scenario with 1 http request comes in with 3 requests on the requests per second chart. The scenario with 3 http requests comes in with 5 requests.) Is this intentional? It seems to be really misleading when you are using short scenarios as it highly inflates the number of requests per second.


Which version of Gatling do you use?

If it actually counts the start and end events, it is not an expected behaviour, of course.

Thanks for your feedback.


I’m using 1.1.1

Okay, we’ll take a look at that, it will be fixed in 1.1.2 coming up on Thursday :wink:

The issue is here :


Hi Garrett,

You might be right, let me check this.



2012/4/3 Garrett <>

Fixed in master (will be in 1.1.2).

Thanks for reporting!



2012/4/3 Stéphane Landelle <>

Hello Steph,

In version 1.5.5 I am still getting same behavior

Here it goes

  • When I perform test with only 1 request, the value ‘Req/s’ shows as 7
  • With 3 requests, the value is 25
    Please do the needful

Manoj Kapuganti

The rps is an average value there: number of requests / run duration.
As you have only 1 request that last less than 1 sec, here’s what you get.