Populate dependencies for Gatling project in docker

Hello, guys.

I run Gatling in docker and my container uses Gatling bundle to run tests. It looks like this https://hub.docker.com/r/denvazh/gatling/~/dockerfile/
And I develop my project via gradle build tool.

I want to populate maven/gradle/sbt dependencies (I consider any of them, but prefer gradle) needed to have my code worked. The problem is that Gatling bundle has special /lib folder to libraries, but I need manually put jar files into this folder. It would be great to populate dependencies in some automatic way. It could be easy to add new dependencies and update existing if needed.

I know about maven/sbt/gradle plugins, and it can be installed in docker container and used for running tests but I don’t want to download dependencies on each test running.

Any ideas about that?

Thanks in advance.