Problems running Graphite

I have been using Gatling for 2 months now and I want to integrate it with Graphite.
I started off with this guide-

But, I am not able to run Graphite using “vagrant up”.
I am giving exactly this error -
"Failed to connect to VM via SSH. Please verify the VM successfully booted by looking at the VirtualBox GUI "

Is there any other way to use Graphite other than VirtualBox?
Any online guides or instructions available?

You can install Graphite the way you want, just check out the documentation of this project:

Then, check out Gatling documentation for integrating with Graphite:

Hi Stephane,
I saw that document and was doing it as specified.
But, is the database creation step also required?
Because Gatling will provide its own data.

You mean carbon? Yes, of course.

OK, thanks. I’ll see to it and hope there won’t be any problems now.