problems with comma in feeder file

I have a feeder file where one of the values contain a comma

2371,COOP OS! BYGG TROMSØ, NORD,extmefu,pass666

The value in bold red is supposed to be one singel value, but off course it is taken as two values given the comma.

Any tips on how to solve this issue? Create two feeder files and one with only one column?

Well, I think you’ve answered yourself. The comma-separated values file delimits based on ‘,’ , so you’re formatting the file incorrectly.

Use semicolon separated values instead?

Just quote the values that contain or could contain commas.

like this:

2371,"STORE OS! BUG OSLO, NORD",extmefu,pass666


Yep. That’ll solve your problem. If it doesn’t, squeal. :slight_smile: