Publish gatling reports

I’m trying to find a way to publish the html gatling report to atlassian confluence so its easily available to view by anyone on my group.
I also have a jenkins job integrated with gatling plugin that is running my gatling test app to report the results. So i can view the report in jenkins after every build but not all can especially ones who don’t have access to jenkins. Hence going the route of publish the gatling statistics report to confluence space.
I 've had worked in the past to report things on confluence using APIs i.e; post/update the page with the new data.
But this can only be possible when I can figure out how to get/retrieve/parse the html report(may be file location in jenkins path when run) that gets generated at the end of every successful jenkins build? And then I can use confluence apis to post the results/report.

Any suggestions/ideas? Appreciate the help.

One option is to use FrontLine, and export a run result as a PDF.

As for embedding the report in Confluence, realize that the report is not just static HTML. It’s also JavaScript and backing files and graphics. Before you go too far down this path, run a Gatling test manually, grab the resulting report, and get it to display properly on Confluence, by hand. If you can do that, then you should have everything you need to know at your disposal so you can begin to make the API calls to get it loaded.

And if you happen to figure it out, let us know. You are probably not the only person that would like to be able to do that.