Publishing Gatling results to a wiki, specifically Confluence

How have people solved the problem of publishing their Gatling results to external consumers, especially embedded within an already defined framework such as a wiki, like Confluence?

I’m just curious what others have done. :slight_smile:

Hi John,
We use the Gatling plugin for Jenkins along with the Gatling Maven plugin. It lets us schedule the simulations in Jenkins and keeps a copy of the Gatling report on the Jenkins servers. We then put screenshots of the parts of the report we care about in Confluence with a link to the report in Jenkins.
Easy peasy.

Do you automate the screen shot generation or the result publishing to Confluence? Or is that a manual step for you?

We do it manually.

I’m curious about this as well specifically an automate way. Has anyone yet figured out or done an automated way of reporting the results/gatling report of recent jenkins job run to a confluence wiki page?