Question about throttle

Hi people, I was reading the gatling documentation and can not understand the following:

  reachRps(100) in (10 seconds)

this snap code will throw a total of 1000 request to my server, dissolved in 10 seconds (without control the time that each request will occour)?
Or it will do 100 requests in each second? (throwing each 100 request at the same initial milisseconds of each second)

Since now, thanks.

100 requests per second is the highest rate your simulation/script will attain.
The 10 seconds indicates the rate at which this change will happen.

Ideally this needs a good test in RC2 - is anyone currently using it?

It does not seem to work for me in the following simpulation:

val scn = scenario(“My Scenario”)

setUp(scn.inject(atOnceUsers(10)).throttle(reachRps(100) in (1 second), holdFor(30 seconds))).maxDuration(30 seconds)

Final result is 75K requests per second!!!


Throttle is not a generic mechanism, it’s currently only implemented for HTTP.

Actions are generic. You wouldn’t want a loop or a pause to be throttled.