Help understanding reachRps

Hi, I need help in how to implement a throttle correclty. I’m trying to reach a flat ~4K RPM.

My simulation (v 3.3.1) is set up as

constantConcurrentUsers(10000) during (55 minutes)
reachRps(67) in (5 minute),
holdFor(50 minutes)
.maxDuration(55 minutes)

and runOne includes 2 exec blocks

val runOne = scenario(“1”).exec(request1, request2)

However when I run this only the first request gets executed constantly without the second one being run straight after the first.

What request does the throttle work on?

Throttling doesnt affect the requests, it just controls the RPS.
regarding the request2 not executing, I tried with the similar way as you did, it works fine for me.

can you pls share the val of request1 and request2 ? so that it will be much easier to identify

Sujin Sam

The RPS on what request though? All of them combined? Here are the extra details

val request1: ChainBuilder =
exec(_.set(“ob_authorization”, obAuthorization))
http(“OB buildSlip”)
.post(backofficeHost + buildSlipUrl)
session => {
val selections = regex.replaceAllIn(session(“selections”).as[String], “$1”)
session.set(“new_selections”, selections)

val request2: ChainBuilder =
exec(.set(“ob_authorization”, obAuthorization))
.set(“betType”, “ACC5”))
http(“OB PlaceBet”)
.post(backofficeHost + placeBetUrl)
.check(jsonPath("$.status").in(“confirmed”, “delay”))

Throttle controls based on overall requests, not specific
I couldnt find the issue on your code
Hope someone else can help

Sujin Sam

Thanks for your help. I’ll continue to play around with this