Randomness fails in body

Is the body evaluated multiple times ?

Because I use a method randomPayload and the randomness doesn’t work

  val scn = scenario("BasicSimulation")
    .during(10 seconds)(
      pace(1 seconds).

During the construction of the scenario, your function randomPayload is being called exactly once, and the return value (which I presume is a string) is being fed into StringBody.

If you want it to do it multiple times, you have to have randomPayload return a function that returns a string. Or more precisely, the same type as what StringBody expects when it receives an Expression. Define your randomPayload something like this:

def randomPayload : ( Session => Validation[Session] ) = session => { // existing definition }

Then, it will get run every time the scenario encounters it.

Thanks a lot, that has fixed !

Small typo, it’s Validation[String]

Oh, yes, I was copying from a different piece of code that existed to inject things into the session.