reports details page is empty if simulation has many different requests.

Hi guys,

i discovered recently another issue with reports.

After running pretty heavy scenario 5000 users, 500 sec ramp period and 20 request per user , it appears that request details page is empty. Please, take look on the screenshot.

There about 500 different requests on the global page and they displayed fine. As soon as i try to check individual stats the mentioned issue appears.



You have a javascript error.
Could you provide your simulation.log file, please?



there are four of them together, so i packed them in zip file.


Пʼятниця, 12 квітня 2013 р. 18:01:25 UTC+3 користувач Stéphane Landelle написав: (1.83 MB)

My 2 cents: the problem is that your request names start with a number, and as they are converted into javascript variable names…

Will investigate

thank you , we can make a quick fix to start with slash for example.



That would probably do the trick, yes.

For the record, I’ve fixed this and the next release will ship it.

Thank you . good job !