Graph lost individual request rows when clicking the asc or des icon on the global information and statistics section

When I have a lot of request (each url is a seperate request listed in the statistic section), when I tried to click either asc or des icon on any of the columns, the section has only one row " global information" showed up. All the detailed request disappears.

STATISTICS (Click here to show more)

Response Time (ms)
Total OK KO Min Max Mean Std Dev 95th pct 99th pct Req/s

Global Information
9588 9583 5
20 14420 332 718 920 1460 17

I need to do this since I want to order the request by response time to find out the slowest 20 urls.

Could you upload your simulation.log somewhere so we can reproduce, please?

simulation.log (1.31 MB)


The problem is with the three dots that you have in some request names. We weren’t filtering them and they crashed jQuery.
Until we release, you can just remove them manually.

Thanks for reporting,


After remove the . in the exec, it works now, Thx!