Request timeout and max response time


I wondered if someone could explain why I can receive a request timeout exception of 60,000ms, but still receive a max response time of over 60,000ms?

Many Thanks


Over by how much?

This is the highest max response I have got: 91177

Weird. Looks like a bug, but hard to investigate without a reproducer.

I am currently travelling, but this is the test.


I haven’t been able to reproduce such a difference, but I got something like 61.000 ms response time while the request time out is 60.000s.

response time = fly time (from first packet sent to last packet received) + connect time (optional, only when a connection couldn’t be fetched from the pool). I checked that in my case, the 1s difference was indeed the connect time.

I don’t know if there some firewall security, but the server is quickly stalled.

Many thanks for your effort and explanation of the minor differences in times. I could send you the simulation log tomorrow, if you would like?

I’m not sure the logs would help, as they don’t currently trace connect time and fly time.