SAS VA application

As per my project requirement we have to Load Test SAS VA application (Testing various reports generated ). will Gatling tool support this kind of application?

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Rather than telling you the answer, let me ask you a few questions. If you can answer those questions, then you will know for yourself the answer to the question you asked here.

What is the underlying technology of the application you want to test, from a communications protocol perspective?
What is the use case(s) you are going to load test?
Independent of implementation technology, how would you step through the use case without using the UI?


I’m not familiar with SAS VA, it’s a commercial product.
The answer to your question is not specific to Gatling, but would apply to every generic load test tool with no official support for this specific technology.
It really depends on how self explanatory the payloads between browser and server are. Is it regular JSON or a custom protocol?

What’s for sure is that the logic in the browser seems to involve a lot of javascript, so you might have to reverse engineer some of it.