Load testing of Vaadin Application(v7/8) using Gatling

Hi There,

I am a newbie to Gatling. I am trying to perform load testing of our web application which is built in the Vaadin Framework (version 7+). I tried with JMeter but failed due to the security imposed by the Vaadin (for e.g. CSRF/XSRF tokens and other dynamic ids), got a communication problem error. I don’t want to disable the these token as it is not good for the production environment. Then I got some links of Gatling tool usage on the Vaadin community (given below) but as a newbie, I am unable to modify my recorded script. My recorded script differs from the scripts which are given in the various tutorials or references. I am totally confusing where and how to modify it. Also, the application is not using WebSocket communication protocol, for your information.
Can anybody share some useful tutorials or references specific to the usage of Gatling with Vaadin application?


Thanks in Advance.

Anil R