Sequential execution of simulations is not working with feeder file


I have some issue - I wanted to have a scenario, where initially I am creating an access token and I am saving it to the file. Then after it is saved, I am using this file as a feeder in another simulation. The problem is that this second simulation think that feeder is empty. Please see some pieces of the code:

Zrzut ekranu 2021-10-22 o 13.38.11.png

2 things regarding CSV feeders:

  • column headers are loaded during initialization => you want to create the file and the headers in the simulation constructor
  • when using the default loading strategy, file size is checked during initialization to chose eager or batch => you want to force batch

Hi Stephane,

Thanks a lot for your quick response.
Point no.2 is obvious, I changed it.
Regarding no.1 - could you please tell me more on how to do it in simulation constructor? I am not sure I understood it correctly… If you could please send some example, it would be great.


In Scala, all the code directly in the body of the class is in the constructor.