Sequential scenario not working - andthen method not working

Hi Team,

version: 3.7.6
CompanyScenario only running for 120 seconds, after that test stopped immediately

setUp(CompanyScenario.inject(atOnceUsers(1)).andThen(contentScenario.inject(atOnceUsers(1)))).protocols(httpConf).maxDuration(120 seconds)

Hi @selva4,

What is your issue?

You have maxDuration(120 seconds) and your scenario run for 120seconds.
I don’t know what is inside your CompanyScenario and if there are loops or websocket without closing connection, it is expected that it won’t finish.


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val CompanyScenario: ScenarioBuilder = scenario(“CompanyScenario”)
.doIf((session => generateTiming(session.userId.toInt))) {
.exec(actionBuilder = http(“T02_enrich-company-” + env)
.header(“Authorization”, “Bearer ${C_jwt}”)

Don’t know why contentScenario is not running

As @sbrevet explained:

  • CompanyScenario.inject(atOnceUsers(1))

You said this scenario lasts 120 seconds

  • .andThen(contentScenario.inject(atOnceUsers(1))))

This will start make contentScenario starts after all users in CompanyScenario completes, hence after 120 seconds

  • .protocols(httpConf).maxDuration(120 seconds)

This aborts the test after 120 seconds => contentScenario never get the chance to run.

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