Sharing API test data between functional API tests and gatling API performance tests?

This isn’t specifically a gatling question but relates to it. Granted in this scenario, gatling could also be used as for the functional API tests, but in general it’s not often used that way.

Some product suites for commercial tools might provide some integration for this, but say you use open source tools or in house tooling (different tools for functional and performance tests), has anyone needed to deal with or wanted to share the common API test data (e.g. input test data, some outputs to validate, the API calls or routes to hit/test) between the tools?

If so just wanted to see what approaches you’ve taken as one would want to define a common pattern of input data format and output validation format so that the tools can read the schema and know what to do, without having to customize the data format for different tools. e.g. instead define common data schema/format, and have wrappers in the tooling to handle the schema so that you can port to different tools using same data unmodified.