Since upgrade to v2.2.2 only 150 users get loaded when num of users to ramp-up is between 150 & 200


I use the following code to ram up the users:
rampUsers(170).over(300 seconds)

What happens is that only 150 users get ramped-up by the end of the 5 minutes.
In the log I see the following in the following sequence:
[DEBUG] i.g.c.c.i.Injector - Injecting 1 users

[INFO ] i.g.c.c.Controller - InjectionStopped

[DEBUG] i.g.c.c.i.Injector - Start user #150

No additional users are injected past this point.
No errors appear and no other indication I was able to find of anything that failed.

When the rampUsers parameters is equal to or larger than 200 this problem does not occur.
I also never encountered this issue before upgrading to v2.2.x

Please help

Thanks in advance