Snapshot gatling.conf not having jdbc tag

Any reason why the latest snapshot bundles do not have the jdbc tag which is there in the latest release version Gatling 2.1.5

The JdbcDataWriter is going away in 2.2, for many reasons:

  • It’s a pain to maintain: there’s no integration tests for it, and no core committer is interested in testing it when we release
  • It’s not widely used
  • It’s a perf killer under heavy load: you don’t write 10.000 records with JDBC the same way you dump 10.000 lines on a local SSD.
    If you’re interested in it, you can fork it and maintain on your side. We’ll advertise it in the third parties documentation section.

What about jdbc feeder which also uses the jdbc tag, is that going away as well?

jdbc {
db {
#url = “jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/
temp” # The JDBC URL used by the JDBC DataWriter
#username = “root” # The database user used by the JDBC DataWriter
#password = “123123q” # The password for the specified user

No, the jdbc feeder doesn’t use anything in there.
And it’s not going away.