Regarding info. for jdbc connection in Gatling

Hi All,

I just need some information whether we can connect to Oracle DB, select some data and work on some updations on these data in our script, in the current version of Gatling 3.6.1.

I’m not talking about jdbc feeders, where we can feed our script data from the Database, but actually I want to do some updates also in the Database table.

I tried with some third party extensions like:

But these don’t support latest Gatling version…i think

Do we need to implement this by our own custom scala code?

Vivek Chamoli

This plugin is a third party, so you won’t find any support for it here.

Regarding, you’ll here that project is now hosted there:

Have you tried getting in touch with its author on its bug tracker and see with him if he intend so keep on maintaining this plugin, and if so, if he has any plan to upgrade to the latest Gatling version?

Hi Stephane,

I don’t think it is being maintained now…as It was asked for support for Gatling 3.5.x and no reply was provided.

So, if it is not maintained for latest gatling versions…we have to implement this by our own custom scala code??

And, btw why it is not getting official support from Gatling itself??

Vivek Chamoli

If the author of this plugin were to donate it upstream, we would maintain it.
Otherwise, no, we won’t maintain a public concurrent fork of a community member’s work.