Soap Sampler support in gatling?

Hi Vance,

The problem is definitively not caused by Netty or Gatling, but by something happening on your computer.
Maybe you’re running out of ephemeral ports:

If increasing your ephemeral port range doesn’t work, could you please try disabling other softwares running on your computer such as antivirus or firewall?



2012/3/6 Vance Zhao <>

Wow, thanks for your answer!

No more connection error raised during my test.

Thanks again for your effect!


So the problem was indeed ephemeral ports? Can you confirm so that we can add it to the FAQ?



2012/3/6 Vance Zhao <>

Hi Stephane,

Reproduced the again from my test env:

1. Change the “MaxUserPort” to "1000 (default is 5000 if not specified)

I found lots of connection error below:

2012-03-06 17:42:22,466 DEBUG [New I/O client boss #1-1] c.n.h.c.p.n.NettyConnectListener [] Failed to recover from exception: Address already in use: no further information with channel [id: 0x00307811]

Pls see “ERROR_maxPort1000.log” from the attached archived folders.

2. Change the “MaxUserPort” to 622534

No such connection occurs during the test.(Make sure to restart the test machine after the regedit changes)

Pls see “ERROR_maxPort65534.log” from the attached archived folders.

Test Env OS is Windows XP SP3 and do not test in the linux/unix server yet.

So, I’m sure this ephemeral ports could help us reduce the “connection already used” in windows server. Also attached my test scripts for your reference.



ERRORLogs.7z (1.15 MB)

Simulation20120306105538.scala (915 Bytes)