String separator in the feeders

Hi Gatling Team,

I want to use the string as a separator e.g. “||” or “!!!” in the gatling feeders due to a use case.

Do we have any function which can help in this case.

Hi @asat2094,

Sorry, but I don’t understand your request.
Do you ask for a related function to separatedValues("foo.txt", '#'), but that can take a String as separator?

We use lightning-csv a submodule of SimpleFlatMapper that use simple Char to split columns.

So I don’t think we can provide something else for now.

But, as Feeders are only an Iterable<Map<String, Object>> you should be able to write your own quite easily.


SimpleFlatMapper only supports single char separator, as expected of a CSV parser.

I guess you’re trying to come up with a multi-characters separator so you don’t have to bother escaping reserved characters in your values.
I’m afraid you’ll either have to implement your own parser or comply with the CSV specification and properly escape content.