UAA service DELETE request basic authentication error

Is the Authentication: Basic header properly sent when you remove your own “Authorization”, “”“Bearer ${admin_token}”""?

Hi Stephane,

It turned out to be my fault.
I was sending basicAuth along with “Authorization”, “”“Bearer ${admin_token}”" that overritten the token. Removed that and got authorized properly.

My own foot sharpshooter I am

I deleted that post to clean up the group

Thanks for reply though!



Thanks for your reply.
Still, I wonder if there’s a use case for multiple Authorization headers. No clue.



I did not go to the details - really did not have time due to deadline.
But from what I saw in Membrane proxy is that is use both header with token and basicAuth togather - the later overwrites the token.
So Authentication header would containg encoded username / password instead of admin token.

Basic is not enough for the service to allow delete. Thus, got 401 error. Just removed basicAuth and send admin token in Authentication header. Works fine for now.



I will see if there’s a way to make basicAuth not override existing Authentication header.