Why we remove HttpHeaderNames.AUTHORIZATION in case use Proxy?

Hi Guys,

I was trying to use a proxy for my scenario.

I have an application A behind a proxy B. The application A requires Bearer Authorization.

My set up for testing:


private val httpConfig = http.disableWarmUp.proxy( Proxy(“localhost”, 8080))

setUp( new Scenario()).protocols(httpConfig)


I tried to send a GET request to the application A and also provided Bearer token.

But on RedirectProcessor, the Authorization header has been removed.

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

Why should we remove it? Could we have an option to keep Authorization header

Thanks for reporting: https://github.com/gatling/gatling/issues/3910

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

Is the Authorization header removed because it related to a Security issue, or Is it just simply a bug?