Unable to record https with gatling recorder

I am scoping for tools for performance testing at work and starting testing gatling so pretty new to it.

I am trying to record a login scenario on https://yoda.shopsocially.com/store/login but I get a blank page when I try to open it with recorder.I see that the GET request is redirected to https://yoda.shopsocially.com:443/store/login

As per the attachment I don’t see the login modal

I am using following settings

Firefox - Proxy set to localhost:8000

Https with self signed certificate

All other options are set to default.

P.S. I have used HAR converter but I just want to know why i am not able to record a simple Https request.

Please read recorder’s documentation: https://gatling.io/docs/2.3/http/recorder/

I am able to open other https site there is some issue with https://yoda.shopsocially.com/store/login

Works fine for me


That’s strange.
What is your browser version? Firefox?