Gatling recorder with https urls


Im not clear on how to use the recorder with https urls.

I am using Safari as my browser. I configured it to use proxy at ports: http/https 8000/8001

I launched the recorder and now when I go to my site e.g.

Safari brings up the dialog box “Safari can’t verify the identity of the website”.

I click on the certificate properties and see its from Gatling, and I tell Safari to “Always trust this certificate for”.
I click ok and the cert is now added, but the browser just hangs in trying to load the page.

I don’t know if Im missing a step or following the directions properly?



Which version do you use?
This looks a lot like an issue that’s been fixed in 1.4.1:


Awesome! I just updated to 1.4.1 and it works!

Thanks for the superfast response!