Wait a while before checking websocket messages / not catching the first message after subscribing on a topic

I am currently testing a websocket that will show a lot of messages. the problem I am having is that every thread will catch the first message on the websocket and to be fair I really don’t want to catch the first one either.

The output of the socket is a stream of jsonObjects. Preferably each thread would select a random incoming jsonObject and do my validations on them.

Is there anyway to this?

My current setup is as follows:

.exec(ws("Connect WS")
  .repeat(1,"n") {
    exec(ws("subscribe to topic")
      .await(10 seconds)(
      .exec(session => {
        Id = session("Id").as[String].trim
        println("%%%%%%%%%%% ID ===>>>>> " + Id)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.