Wait until first Scenario completed.

I have a 35 Scenarios and I want second scenario should wait until first get completed. I tried following way.

ContentPanelScenarios.getScenario(“Reach”).inject(nothingFor(perfTestMinutes minutes), splitUsers(perfTestUsers) into(rampUsers(perfTestRampUsers) over (10 minutes) ) separatedBy(perfTestSepSec seconds)),
ContentPanelScenarios.getScenario(“Playthrough”).inject(nothingFor**(10 minutes)**, splitUsers(perfTestUsers) into(rampUsers(perfTestRampUsers) ver(perfTestMinutes minutes)) separatedBy(perfTestSepSec seconds))

I’m trying to run first scenario in 10 minutes and second to wait by nothingFor(10 minutes) but still First scenario request are overlapped on second one.

Que :- How can I wait for second scenario until first get completed ?