websocket data missing after certain time


I am using the websocket plugin for 1.5.2 and are facing some problem. In our application, after the websocket is opend. the data sending after certain time and amount, gatling still showing that data is sent through the websocket, but in our application, it does not show up in the receiving end. Currently I am not sure where the data goes: The sender (gatling) said it sends it ok, the receiver (our target system) said it does not receive it. Is there a way that you can suggest to debug this? Like a tool to monitor the websocket rps?

Thx for the help.


You can try Wireshark.



Hmm, that will go over well with the corporate network security people :smiley:

Sorry about playing devil’s advocate here. That isn’t always an option for everyone. It’s possible to do this but you need to be careful to make good agreements with the people in charge of network security or it might end up rather unpleasant. At least, in large corporations.

This kind of problem really needs a full-trace style log from gatling.

A log isn’t helpful here - Gatling is already reporting that it is sending frames, so what more can it do? Also, a packet sniffer like Wireshark can only capture packets on the network segments the machine it runs on is connected to; it’s likely that either the server generating load or the server receiving it is plugged directly into a switch.

That wasn’t quite as clear from the problem description as I read it.

Maybe Shawna can post those traces or parts of them to confirm, though. :wink:

As for the remainder of that reply - yeah. You’d need to run wireshark on both ends, and then use that information to narrow down on whatever component is swallowing the network traffic. But first you need to make absolutely sure the information both applictions are reporting is correct… and possibly make sure you clear this effort with network security up front.

There is one other thing you can try first though: Run traceroute on the client machine to follow the network path to the target server. With some luck that will tell you where your packets end up. If that doesn’t help you can still do the rather heavier weight wireshark runs.