Integrating Gatling into our TestNG regression package

Hey All, is it possible to integrate gatling (java) with my TestNG automation-regression package? If it is possible please let me know if there are any examples or documentation that deals with this subject. I want to integrate my gatling code with the testNG code to take advantage of of configuration and many helper classes I’ve created in automation. I also want to leverage some of the before/after Class functionality.

Thank you

Hi @gkandale,

Gatling is an application, not a library. So, it isn’t designed to let users do what you suggest.
Some users had successfully integrated Gatling into similar framework. For instance: we have a demo project demonstrating the integration with scalatest.

In comparison, the java flavor of gatling is pretty new. And no one (I know of) tried to do what you write. You may be the first!

To be honest, what I suggest is to have both in parallel: your TestNG in one side, Gatling simulation in another and a common “module” that is shared by both to put the code you mentioned (configuration and helper classes)

I hope this helps!

Thank you Sébastien, I will take a look at the demo! I appreciate it!


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