404 error in browser while opening report

Hi! I’m getting 404 error in browser while opening gatling “index.html” report through IntelliJ IDEA. Does anyone know how can I resolve this?
Thanks in advance!

This is not related to Gatling. It’s a generic question about IntelliJ IDEA that should be asked on the Jetbrain forum.

Note: works on my side (IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3.1, MacOS, Chrome/FireFox).


What version of Gatling?
Java / Scala / Kotlin ?
Show screen of link from console and browser.
When you open directly it’s working?

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More important (to be provided to Jetbrain people, not here):

  • which version of IntelliJ IDEA?
  • which OS? (most likely Windows, it’s always Windows…)
  • which browser and version?
  • is there any process other than IntelliJ’s webserver listening on port 63342?
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Thanks everyone for quick response. Tried to open directly “index.html” and it’s working. I’ll ask in Jetbrain forum then why it’s not opening through IDEA.

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