Highcharts license

If we are not customizing the output of the gatling reports and we are just using gatling-highcharts as part of gatling, can we include gatling-highcharts as a dependency in an Apache 2 licensed project?

Depending is fine, but you can’t repackage (for example build your own bundle and redistribute).
What do you want to do exactly?

We’re just depending on it for the build, not redistributing a new bundle.

Ah, and one last limitation: you can’t charge (like building some paying Gatling service, even if the code is open-source).

Thanks. Our software is free, so shouldn’t be a problem.

What are you up to, exactly?

We’re building a project that is unrelated to gatling that is used to help make querying various NoSQL databases a bit easier - https://github.com/NextCenturyCorporation/neon. We use gatling to do some of our concurrency testing. Our code is distributed under Apache 2. The gatling code is only use during the testing, and if you build our binaries, no gatling code is included. I just wanted to make sure that since our code is open source that we weren’t violating any of the gatling license restrictions, which it doesn’t sound like we are.

OK, so no problem then!

Thanks, appreciate you taking the time to clarify.