Build hangs on Bamboo as there is no log activity for more than specified time

Hi there,

We have a bamboo job with 5 scripts each has a maven command to run a simulation with different numbers.

So for each scenario, we add the users from our system and then start the simulation.

What’s happening is once all the users are added and before we see a log message that ‘simulations are started’ its taking more than 30 mins or in-fact more than 50 mins in some cases.

We have a bamboo limit that any build that is running for more than 60 mins with no log is treated as hung and its getting killed.

See screenshots attached.

We always can increase the limit to what ever we want in bamboo, but our major question is why is it taking so much time to start the simulation and log if tool has all the necessary information to start??

Any body faced similar issue? Any help is appreciated.


Sorry, but we really can’t investigate this without you providing a way for us to reproduce your problem on our side.