Can I use iOS Developer certificate be used as CA for simulation recorder?

I’m new to Gatling and I’d like to record a simulation based on the activity from a native iPhone application. I’m running the app on my phone through debug in Xamarin studio which is using my iOS Development Certificate to sign the app bundle. I cannot get the recorder to recognize the traffic from my app. Is it possible to generate a CA (with .cer and private .key files) using my iOS Development Certificate that can then be used in the Gatling recorder as the .cer and .key files needed when using the Certificate Authority in HTTPS mode? Is this the correct way to capture a recorded simulation from a native iPhone application?

Client certificates are not supported atm, see

Thank you for the response but I finally figured out my issue. I was trying to use the recorder to create simulations based on network traffic from a Xamarin mobile app. Our Xamarin app is truly cross-platform using PCLs and therefore the code is managed my the Xamarin framework which does not use the native device network settings. Therefore the proxy configured in the phone system settings was not being honored. Options for working around this limitation are to use CFNetwork ( or to configure the proxy in an HttpClientHandler ( The second options sucks because you have to configure the proxy in code but that is what I had to do in order to record the scenarios. Once I had the gatling recorder proxy address setup in the HttpClientHandler I was able to capture all of the app traffic and create the simulation files that I needed.

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