Certificate Authority in Firefox when recording scenario after certificate confirmation

Hello. I need just a tip to know is that good or what to do to eliminate it.

You, I started recorder with self-signed Certificate | HTTP Proxy. Then via Firefox, I started Proxy and putin a search this address https://mywebsite.com. It requested certificate (how Gatling’s documentation writes: https://gatling.io/docs/2.3/http/recorder/)
I confirmed certificate adding and then it has opened my website, but in log (on the screenshots, I attached) appearing thesehtttp detectportal.firefox GET requests and after my desired website it has added additional objects: 443/(2 screenshot) and other symbols (1 screenshot)

Could you tell me what’s wrong, or it is ok? and I merely need to eliminate it in a scenario?

Could it be a problem related with http(s) protocol of my website or another problem related to the resource then I will ask our devs

In the Terminal is apearing this:

15:25:05.971 [ERROR] i.g.r.h.h.u.HttpsUserHandler - Exception caught on user channel [id: 0x947cbcb4, L:/ - R:/]: SSLException Received fatal alert: unknown_ca

Recording simulations using SSL or 2-way-SSL did’nt work for me too.

I do record with SSL like this:

  1. Use Chrome and open dev-tools with F12.
  2. Go to the network tab and check “preserve log”.
  3. Do stuff.
  4. Right click in the actions and save as .HAR.
  5. Import the HAR to the gatling recorder (change https to har in the upper right)

Works 100%. And you are able to view the har content with all the redirects etc. in more detail with a har-viewer of your choice. I really like the “google har analyzer”.

I forgot to mention the following:

If you need the certificate to run the script, you have to add it in the gatling.conf.

Thanks for your response, sorry for so long period of my ‘thanks’ words.
But, could I specify a couple of things, it is very important to me and if agree to answer it, I will be very grateful.

I have done:
opened Dev tools
checked preserve log
opened my website and took the steps there
After picked one of the requests in the list of requests below (it is saved all the steps despite a clicked on the one?)
Next added this file in recorder, converted
And opened it in Intellij and have seen all the scenario which I only need to make more productive and pressed.

If you need the certificate to run the script, you have to add it in the gatling.conf.
My files record to Gatling folder which located in /Users/user/Gatling…, but folder with IdeaProjects located in /Users/user/ and every time i need to pull recorded file to idea window, so I can’t synchronize it together

And fortunately Chrome didn’t ask me about certificate but I still don’t know how to add it manually…