Certificate Authority

Reading this post:

I understan that it is possible for Gatling to create a certificate for you:

You can now use a Certificate Authority (either Gatling’s or you own) with the Recorder, so you’re no longer asked for Security Exceptions.

But how do I use this functionality?

I pressed the button “Generate CA”, but I do not understand where to go further?
And what will be the next step after this.
Do I need to export the “Gatling CA” to the server I am testing?

what kind of functionality is behind the button “generate CA”?

I tried to improve the documentation regarding this point: https://github.com/gatling/gatling/issues/2579

If things are still unclear, I suggest to look on the internet for other sources regarding how HTTPS/SSL works and what certificates and certificate authorities are.

Hi Magnus,

Did you figured it out how to deal with the Certificates? If you have time, can you explain how to do that?
Thank you!

Hi ,

The same issue that I also encounter.
May I know how did you make it work?




With a generated CA, the recorder will work as a Man In the Middle (MITM)
While this is a security issue in production, for your own testing purposes, this is fine.
It allows the recorder to decrypt what your server sends to your browser and reencrypt it before sending it to your browser.
This is needed since we cannot get (obviously) the private key from your server.

So, to trust the generated CA is a browser-side configuration.
Usually, you open the website through the recorder (proxy configuration, I guess) and accept the security risk (that you know is needed for your purpose).

Hope this helps!