Recording and using HPPS mode: certificate authority ( Key Stores, Key Trust. )

Hi There,

I am a performance test consultant in UK and working on gatling tool.
i can’t find proper documentation on how to record a webpage with CA certificates.

The certificate hierarchy is;

  • VeriSignClass3PublicPrimaryCertificationAuthority-G5
  • SymantecClass3SecureServerCA-G4

from browser I have exported both verisign and symantec certs in two .pem files respectively, have sertup proxy properly but still can’t record…

Note: other websites with self-signed selected is recording properly.

So, I have two queries:

  1. The website, when launched in the normal browser open a small popup/dialog to enter username password for authentication. but when launched using gating recorder/proxy does not show the authentication prompt and it stick
    I have used HTTPs mode as: Certificate Authority. Provided primary certificate as verisignxxxxx.pem file and private key as: symentic…pem (hope i am doing right_ but it doesnt work

please suggest how to record

  1. and then how to run,

Kind Regards,