Does the compiler remove these when I upgrade?

The migration guide for Gatling 2.1.1 states:


Compiler runs standalone

Gatling itself doesn’t compile the Simulations anymore and expects that the simulations are already compiled. This means that and the Maven plugin runs the compiler prior to running Gatling. Consequently, a few options in gatling.conf have been removed:

  • gatling.core.disableCompiler
  • gatling.core.zinc.jvmArgs


Going into my IDEAPathHeper it looks like this:



object IDEPathHelper {

 val gatlingConfUrl = getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("gatling.conf").getPath
 val projectRootDir = File(gatlingConfUrl).parents(2)

 val mavenSourcesDirectory = projectRootDir / "src" / "test" / "scala"
 val mavenResourcesDirectory = projectRootDir / "src" / "test" / "resources"
 val mavenTargetDirectory = projectRootDir / "target"
 val mavenBinariesDirectory = mavenTargetDirectory / "test-classes"

 val dataDirectory = mavenResourcesDirectory / "data"
 val requestBodiesDirectory = mavenResourcesDirectory / "request-bodies"

 val recorderOutputDirectory = mavenSourcesDirectory
 val resultsDirectory = mavenTargetDirectory / "results"

 val recorderConfigFile = (mavenResourcesDirectory / "recorder.conf").toFile


It shows red on the .tools and File in the text above and complains when trying to Rebuild solution in IntelliJ.

What should I do to get rid of these warnings?

Remove .toFile, it’ll work.